Medicinal Garden
Seminar Hall

The Vaageswari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is equipped with advanced laboratories and equipment to give the students hands on training in the field of pharmacy. The college has sufficient number of labs for B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy training in all the areas of pharmacy. All labs are well furnished and designed to provide the students with abundant working space, with security measures to assist in case of emergencies. The area of the laboratories complies with AICTE standards and the equipments are maintained as per PCI guidelines.

Along with regular labs, the college also having well furnished central instrumentation room to meet current Industrial needs.

Centrally established library with more than 2000 titles and 11,000 volumes of renowned National and International authors. For the research activities, our library also has huge number of national and International Journals. To meet the current scenario of digitalization process our library associated with National Digital Library of India (NDL), DELNET and Micromedex Drug information software (exclusively for Students)

Located behind B-Block provides good ambience to the campus atmosphere with a more than 100 different medicinal plants.

AC Auditorium with 500 seating capacity which is equipped with Public address system, Digital projector, Digital Audio Visual systems etc.

Well furnished Seminar Hall with 300 seating capacity for conducting in-house seminars and events.

Department of Pharmaceutics & Department of Industrial Pharmacy

• Tablet Compression Machine - CMAC (12 Station)
• R&D Coater
• Rapid Mixer Granulator
• Rotary Evaporator
• Stability Chamber
• Brookfield Viscometer
• BOD Incubator

Department of Pharmacology

• Semi Autoanalyser
• ELISA Plate Reader and Washer
• UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu)
• Tissue Ultra Homogenizer
• Inverted Microscope for Cell Lines
• Defreezer (-20°C)
• Neurological Behavior Assessment Instrument

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis

• HPLC with UV Detector (Shimadzu)
• UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu)
• Karl-Fischer Apparatus
• Flourimeter
• Flame Photometer