Dr. Ramakrishna Raparla-Profile

Dr. Ramakrishna Raparla has completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in pharmacy in 2000 from JNTU Hyderabad and 2003 with pharmaceutical Biotechnology as specialization from The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University Chennai and has completed his PhD from JNTU Hyderabad in 2009 with specialization in Pharmaceutics with the topic “Design and Development of Oral Controlled Release Formulations of Anti-Diabetic Drugs”.

He has published papers in 20 international and 25 national journals. He has presented many papers in national and international conferences. He has attended 2 international conference as a speaker which were held in Singapore in 2012 and USA in 2013. He has been registered as the reviewer for many national and international journals to his credit. Biographies listed in the Who's Who in the World 2014 (31st Edition). He is the member of APTI and Microbiologist of India. He is the expert committee member for board of studies in pharmacy in the University of Sikkim. He has been Awarded BEST YOUTH RED CROSS in the year 2004.

He has been Awarded a grant of 785,000=00 by AICTE under RPS for the project entitled “Pharmacokinetic and pharmadodynamic interaction between Gymnema sylvestre and oral hypoglycemic agents” as Co-Principal Investigator. He has also been awarded the Travel Grant from Centre for International Co-operation in Science (CICS) Chennai.
List of Publications
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