Dr.R.Rama Krishna
Dr. Rama Krishna Raparla is born in a small agricultural family in the year 1979. He has completed his graduation in the field of pharmacy in the home town and post graduation in Coimbatore in the year 2000 and 2003 respectively. He has done the research in the field of pharmacy in controlled release drug delivery systems by taking the natural polymers as a main source and completed in the year 2008. He has started his carrier in the same college where he has taken the under graduation in the year 2003 for a span of over half decade and right now working as a principal in a pharmaceutical organization. To his credit he has published more that 40 papers in a peer reviewed journals and is working has editorial board member in 4 international journals.
For any country, human resource is the most valuable of all resources. Our country is endowed with this resource in a large magnitude. Motivating the faculty towards higher levels of performance in molding this important resource to meet the growing, changing and challenging technological needs of the country in the best possible manner forms the basis of my vision as principal of this pharmacy college. /> Vaageswari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a flourishing institute of excellence in the field of Pharmacy education; quality research and value added teaching for pharmacy graduate and post graduate students was established at Karimnagar in 2007.

As a principal with research and teaching experience in frontier technologies, possessing theoretical and practical expertise, it is my vision to bring about a radical change in the outlook of the faculty as well as the students in order to relate the book knowledge more intimately with the industrial reality.

There has been an exponential increase in knowledge. With the explosion in information, four years is too short a period to teach all that needs to be learnt. It is my vision to strive to make the student a self-learner, a flexible learner, a life-long learner and a team learner so that he can measure up to any task with multiple skills and the right attitude. If you give your son a fish, he will have it for a day. But if you teach your son how to fish, he will have fish every day. It is my vision to convince and persuade the faculty to adopt new, innovative and synergetic teaching practices towards this goal. For example, the monologue lecture method has been replaced with participative and interactive learning sessions. The learning is accompanied by personality development, communication and interpersonal skills development.

It is my vision to make the students self-propelled, highly spirited, and automotive individuals, each one, and a highly competent, confident and empowered leader in his / her domain.

The beginning steps to corporate world: Our young bright students have proved their minds and have embarked upon promising careers in the Corporate World. We are committed towards our goal of nurturing knowledge and delivering values. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our campus, and discover for yourself what our institution could mean to you.